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Black Friday Blues

Fibro Daily November 19, 2012

I never do Black Friday Never have. Never will.

First of all, I prefer shopping at boutiques and secondhand stores. They have sales all year that are adequate for me, on things I like… Also, I have what I need right now and don’t see the point of wasting the day after Thanksgiving by shopping for things I don’t want or need. That’s not saving money.

Second, I buy gifts all year long, so I am stress-free during the holidays and can take advantage of other sales/better pricing throughout the year.

Third, boutiques and secondhand stores generally play better music (I avoid bad music at all costs, plus am allergic to Christmas carols.) They also have less crowds. Those big ticket items stores play nightmare music for restless crowds. Not my thing.

Fourth, no way am I getting up that early to go shopping, ever. The only time I’m up that early is if I haven’t gone to bed and shopping is the last thing on my mind.

And finally, chronic illness makes me weary of doing something stressful that I just don’t want to do.

Fibromyalgia should make you think twice about being crammed in a store with hundreds of other frantic people, elbowing and poking and stampeding. Stampedes suck.

Did I mention the stampedes? I avoid those at all costs.

This year, why not try out some online shopping savings? You should be able to find them with ease. They can be delivered right to the door, too.




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