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Dealing with the Pain of December Friends

Fibro Daily December 21, 2015

images For those with Fibromyalgia, friendships cause pain in ways that others fail to grasp. The sheer enormity of keeping up with friends’ lives proves difficult when dealing with Fibromyalgia pain.

Additionally, the unpredictable nature of Fibromyalgia makes it hard to keep plans or attend social gatherings that friends deem important, such as birthday parties or happy hour gatherings celebrating career achievements. Whatever the occasion, it can be tricky to make an appearance amid a Fibro flare, or after a night with no sleep. Friends may mistake broken plans for selfishness, or disinterest in maintaining the friendship.

The best way to prevent misunderstandings is to be upfront about what is going on, and to explain the possible problems ahead of time. If they refuse to accept the facts, or refuse to believe them, then a decision about the worthiness of the friendship must be made.

Mixing in the Holidays

Friendships mixed with holiday shenanigans increase pressure for Fibromyalgia patients. The demands for time and celebration prove endless this time of year, and sometimes even the most understanding friend forgets all the Fibromyalgia cheer foes related to the holidays. That forgetfulness is not always ill-willed. Sometimes, it just comes from being swept up in the excitement, mistakenly believing that such excitement squashes the pain a Fibro friend feels.

As Fibro patients know, that’s simply not the case.

Ringing in the New Year the Right Way

If the idea of attending drawn-out celebrations on Christmas or celebrating all night on New Year’s Eve sounds awful, arranging for one-on-one time with a friend right before or right after the big event is a good solution. It helps prevent Fibro flares, exhaustion, and other Fibromyalgia stressors.

Besides, this sort of arrangement allows for quality time that really enhances friendship, time that flows uninterrupted by chattering throngs, loud music, or alcoholic beverages. There’s less of a tendency to overindulge on all fronts when it’s not a party atmosphere. It’s also cheaper than a night out on the town or preparing for a big party.

Another possibility is agreeing to attend celebratory gatherings, but only on a limited basis. That means choosing one party while opting out of others, or attending more than one for short durations. Arrive early and leave early, before the noise picks up and the alcohol flows freely. These simple measures go a long way in making sure that the body stays healthy, and pain and other flares signs remain at bay.

Sleeping It Off

Insomnia and Fibromyalgia are intertwined. Sleep helps renew both mind and body, and Fibro patients severely lack sleep. Furthermore, some people know that Fibromyalgia causes pain, but fail to understand the sleep problems inherent to the condition. They also lack knowledge about how sleep problems manifest pain as well as create other problems, such as memory issues. Make sure that friends understand the issue by providing them with detailed sleep information.



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