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Diaries: Recording More than Angst

Fibro Daily November 29, 2012

When many people think of a diary, they think of a leather-bound book full of heart doodles and teenage girl angst; the height of immaturity and self-absorption.

(Doesn’t anyone read the classics anymore?)

But a diary—or journal, if you prefer–provides more than an excellent way to record feelings, momentous events, and the general day-to-day. It allows patterns to be tracked.

Patterns are important when it comes to regulating a chronic illness. Areas to denote include:

  • depression
  • diet
  • exercise
  • fibro fog
    • medication
  • pain
  • sleep
  • A diary helps keep the lines of communication open with a doctor, because it provides an accurate record of how fibromyalgia affects the patient day to day.

    Whether by hand or electronic, all fibro patients should keep a diary as part of their fibro regulation routine.



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