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Distracting Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily September 6, 2012

Distractions make brain fog worse.

Brain fog is common with fibromyalgia—the term perfectly captures the mental haze that fibromyalgia causes. But how do distractions affect it?

It has been reported that fibromyalgia patients experience extreme sensitivity to sensory elements. Things like loud TVs, loud conversations, bright lights, and severe temperatures cause pain and anxiety. Such distractions add to the confusion of brain fog. In turn, brain fog increases pain and anxiety. It is a vicious cycle, really.

Even worse, some distractions are not that easy to pinpoint.

Research shows that a one-sided cell phone conversation produces more distraction than two people talking in the same room. That is because the brain tries to fill in the unheard part of the conversation.

To help ease brain fog, take the initiative in your environment by removing the things that cause distractions. Modifying light, temperature, and certain noises like music should be easy in your own home. If you can’t escape a conversation, politely ask the person to leave. If in public, remove yourself from harmful environments.

After all, peace of mind is paramount to fibromyalgia.



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