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Driving with Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily November 26, 2012

If chronic pain made you drive faster, drivers with fibromyalgia would leave everyone else behind in the dust.

In reality, driving often leaves fibro patients depressed and anxiety-ridden, frowning for miles down the road.


For one, sitting in the same position for an extended period of time intensifies fibro pain and stress.

Secondly, fibro fog presents a danger, making it hard to pay attention.

Add in the overstimulation caused by speed, noise from other cars, heavy traffic plus passing scenery, and it’s easy to see how hard driving with fibromyalgia can be.

But even though there are many people in the United States that suffer with fibromyalgia, most people in the U.S.—with fibromyalgia or without— live in a part of the country where walking, public transport, and/or taxies are not easily accessible. Therefore, driving or hitching a ride with a friend who’s not busy is the only way to get around.

And really, how many friends do you have that aren’t busy?

So, driving is the most practical solution for most people to get from place to place. If you have fibromyalgia and must drive, follow these simple driving tips:

  • Get as good of a night’s sleep as possible. Driving while exhausted is a safety hazard not only for you, but any passengers you transport as well as other people on the road. So if you’re exhausted, either cancel the drive or call in a favor.
  • Plan your route ahead of time. Print out all the places, addresses, and routes. But don’t try to read them while driving. Pull over if necessary. Or, if possible, use GPS.
  • Make the car comfortable for driving. Invest in a headrest and adjust the seat so that it supports your body. Use a pillow to support you back or bum if needed.
  • Keep your hands phone-free. Wear an ear piece in case you need it so it’s ready to go, but only use the phone in an emergency. Fibro fog worsens when you split focus.

Implementing these tips should result in more driving miles with more driving smiles.



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