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Everyone Has Time for Exercise

Fibro Daily August 31, 2012

According to Dr. Kurt Meininger of South Forsyth Chiropractic in Georgia, anyone can find 30 minutes to exercise. This prevents and manages a lot of problems, especially among fibromyalgia patients.

Still, most people think they don’t have time. That it will be too expensive. That it will worsen whatever condition they suffer.

Not so!

Using your own body weight is a great way to workout. All you need to do is wear workout clothes and proper workout shoes. Then you can do lunges, squats, core work, and modified push-ups to tone your body. Stretching is important, too.

YouTube offers a host of free workout videos that never require payment, and which are updated on a regular basis. Different levels are available. Fitness Blender and Zuzana Light of BodyRock.TV are two great sources to search for on YouTube. Fitness Blender works especially well with all levels of fitness in short periods of time.

These videos come in various lengths; some last for five minutes, some thirty. Breaking down a fitness routine into manageable amounts of time will help you stick to the routine and prevent too much stress.

You can always build-up to more!



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