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Exercise Tips from Fibro Author

Fibro Daily October 3, 2012

Fibromyalgia author and sufferer Michelle Arbore writes a great blog about how to manage the difficulties of fibromyalgia, including about how the condition affects everything from work to relationships.

She recently posted about how important exercise is to fibromyalgia, not only when joints feel hot and painful, but also as a regular part of the fibromyalgia routine. In her post, she discusses how exercise maintains muscle tone and often helps take pressure off the joint, depending on the activity.

Some of her helpful advice includes:

  • Water exercise proves very beneficial to fibromyalgia patients. She recommends a water temperature of about 90 degrees to deeply relax muscles. Checking your area for the appropriate water exercise class and discussing your concerns/goals with the instructor is a great place to start with a water exercise plan.
  • If you feel bad two hours after a water class, you probably did too much. You can decrease the amount of exercises or classes you do to help with this. But keep in mind the difference between using your body for the first time in a while or at something new versus fibromyalgia pain.
  • If you found you’ve done too much, gentle stretching or a hot bath/shower will help relieve the pain.
  • Make sure to get plenty of rest, and take care of yourself overall by pacing yourself and eating well.



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