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Fibro Decorating the Christmas Tree

Fibro Daily November 28, 2012

Fibro-Decorating the Christmas tree requires a bit of planning and patience.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a big job for anyone. Unpacking, unwrapping; trips up and down stairs. Bending under the bed for boxes. Sorting through the garage. Wherever you keep you decorations stored, it’s exhausting, painful, and confusing to gather them all! Adding in a chronic illness like fibromyalgia means the exhaustion, pain, and confusion levels triple.

Well, there are a few ways to preserve this beloved tradition, ways that preserve your sanity and ease the pain.

Fibro Decorating the Christmas Tree:

  • First, make a list of what you need and want.

Don’t wait until the day of decorating to decide; that’s way too taxing on fibro fog.

Doing a few sketches is also a good way to get your “mind decor” organized. It lets you see what’s missing, and gives you time to shop for it.

And make sure to analyze the room before placing the tree, too. This saves the trouble of moving the tree and furniture unnecessarily.

Remember, you need to keep a step-ladder handy! Also, a wheelbarrow could help move heavy items from spot to spot if you don’t have anyone helping.

  • Next, put out the boxes of decorations the day before you hang the ornaments.

There’s just no reason to do it all in one day, not if you want to avoid stress.

And if you get the hard stuff out of the way all at once, you’ll enjoy hanging ornaments later— hanging the ornaments is why everyone puts up a tree anyway. So I suggest taking one day to set-up the tree and gather the decorations, then hang the ornaments on the next day.

Oh, but I forgot about the lights…

Hanging the lights on the same day you set-up the tree might work, or you can divide up all the work into three sections: set up the tree, hang the lights, hang the ornaments. Hanging lights is stressful, but just take your time with this whole process, working in increments.

Use the step-ladder to avoid straining when hanging lights and ornaments.

  • Finally, hang the ornaments!

I suggest you also make some cocoa or tea. Play some soothing music, and snack on some gluten-free or vegan or whatever kind of cookies you want while you enjoy your beautiful tree!

You can put away the boxes tomorrow.



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