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Fibro Fashion Choices That Protect Against Allodynia

Fibro Daily December 22, 2012

Allodynia is pain caused by sensations that usually do not cause pain. For instance, certain types of clothes cause pain to Fibromyalgia patients. That would be an example of allodynia.

But that doesn’t mean that a person who suffers from this condition just wants to wear any old thing. Looking good is important for many reasons: self-confidence, relationships, careers. And this time of year, wearing stylish clothes are a fun part of the festivities.

The best bet for people with Fibromyalgia-related allodynia is to buy clothes in natural fabrics to avoid harsh chemical interactions with their skin.

Another great tip for women: look for loose or flowing dresses that flatter your particular shape without constricting you. A loose style cuts down on irritation and also comes in many different shapes/cuts.

And remember: you look great! Happy Holidays!



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