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Fibro Kitchen Gadgets and Pointers

Fibro Daily November 19, 2012

No one should have to give up cooking because of fibromyalgia, especially this time of year. Some people find cooking a relaxing outlet as well as challenging. So don’t let fibromyalgia prevent you from doing it.

However, to say cooking doesn’t present a challenge to fibromyalgia patients would amount to lying. Frankly, just navigating the kitchen can be a problem.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to make you kitchen easy to navigate. Position as many items as possible so that they don’t require too much bending or reaching. Keep the blender on the counter, ready to go. It can actually look quite stylish pushed back into a nook/corner that requires no lifting. Keep a stepladder handy as well. Keep an electric can opener and an electric wine opener nearby, too.

Also, ask for help moving and gathering, when necessary. After all, you are doing the cooking!

Use a cookbook holder and lay out all the utensils and products ahead of time, to avoid rushing around to retrieve things you need right away, or feeling overwhelmed.

Keep a stool handy so you can sit while chopping and mixing. Sitting will take pressure off your legs and feet.

Take your time, and don’t rush. Start well in advance. Remember that cooking is something you enjoy.



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