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Fibro Swimming Tips

Fibro Daily April 12, 2013

As the weather gets nicer, you may want to start swimming to stay in shape.

Swimming is a highly recommended exercise for Fibromyalgia patients because it is so gentle on the body while still working it hard. Swimming tones the muscles while improving flexibility and cardio capability. Combined with a healthy diet and reasonable portion sizes, it will help with weight loss as well as help maintain weight loss.

However, a person can injure themselves while swimming, so it’s best to follow this swimming advice from The Fibromyalgia Treatment Center:

If you are not very fit, and are suffering from fibromyalgia, begin swimming slowly by starting with one length followed by a rest for 30 seconds to a minute. Don’t exhaust yourself by powering up and down the pool. Take it gently.

Over a few weeks you can increase the time you spend swimming. When you have developed a certain level of fitness you can adopt a program of warming up with slow strokes for 5 – 10 minutes, followed by 20 – 40 minutes of continuous swimming with different strokes, ending up with a five minute cool-down period with slower, more gentle swimming.



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