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Fibromyalgia Caregiver Tips

Fibro Daily October 15, 2012

A lot of stress exists among fibromyalgia caregivers.

First, being a fibromyalgia caregiver usually doesn’t mean that the caregiver should be tied to the house non-stop, but it does mean that the household duties increase for that person in addition to the medical help needed for the patient. Caregivers for any sickness often find themselves alone, with no one to help split the duties. The pressurized situation negatively affects the health of the caregiver, and makes it almost impossible to make someone else’s health improve.

If you are a caregiver for a fibromyalgia patient, try the following:

  • Ask for a helping hand:If there are older children in the house, make sure they take responsibility for age-appropriate chores. If they can drive, send them to the store or let them take over for a bit at the house while you run errands. They should be able to sit with the patient for a few hours. Take your cell phone, and leave an emergency number for someone else to cover the bases.
  • Make time for yourself doing the day: It may seem impossible, but taking time for yourself is important. Otherwise, the care of the patient will deteriorate as your own peace of mind deteriorates.
  • Make sure the patient is not left to linger in perpetual illness: The purpose of caregiving for a fibromyalgia patient is so he or she can get back to a normal routine, as you are not caregiving for a terminally ill patient. Therefore, make sure the patient takes small steps toward independence, and keep in mind that this situation is not permanent.



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