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Fibromyalgia Skin Care

Fibro Daily September 16, 2012

The emotional stress of dealing with fibromyalgia can wreck havoc on the skin with acne.

Try to get enough deep sleep so you are not cranky during the day. Lack of sleep definitely causes stress to rise. Also, make sure to schedule some times outs for yourself, whether it includes a fun phone call to a friend or surfing your favorite internet sites while you eat lunch. These little breaks do a lot to help improve the mood. Exercise also helps improve the mood with endorphins.

Besides keeping stress in check, keep your skin looking it’s best with these additional tips:

  • Don’t pick or squeeze pimples. That can cause them to spread.
  • Limit exposure to oil in skin products.
  • Clean up immediately after working out. Don’t sit around in sweaty clothes or leave sweat on your face. If you have to drive home in sweaty clothes, consider a quick sponge bath for important parts at the gym.

It may take a while, but eventually your skin should regain it’s healthy, clear glow.



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