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Getting Over Stressful Times

Fibro Daily March 7, 2013

Added life stress exacerbate already-stressful fibro symptoms, such as lack of sleep and pain. To recover from stress, follow these stress recovery tips:

  • No matter what the situation, find a time to laugh. Laughter helps. I’ve watched a terrorist attack outside my window; I’ve lost family and friends to unexpected deaths. My body fails me at times. But laughter helps me hang in there. So stay in touch with friends, rent a funny movie, or read a funny book. You should’t feel guilty for laughing during a bad time. It will help lower the blood pressure and release endorphins that feel amazing. Laughter also provides a new prospective.
  • Hug your loved ones, including pets. A hug…nothing feels better.
  • Have sex. (Ok, I lied about the hug. There is something that feels better.) But obviously, sex is an act reserved for certain people. Whoever you love, don’t cut off your sensual side when stressed. Sex helps releases endorphins, stretches the body, raises the heart rate, reconnects bonds, and brings a smile to your face. So if you aren’t currently in a relationship, perhaps it’s time to enter the dating scene again.

Doing all these activities on a regular basis will help you recover from stress in no time!



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