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Harness Your Positive Mind to Heal

Fibro Daily December 22, 2012

>Positive thinking helps maintain positive health.

Dealing with a chronic pain condition such as fibromyalgia puts a lot of stress not only on fibromyalgia patients, but their family and friends. In the face of a fibro flare, it can be hard for anyone to maintain a positive outlook.

But that’s exactly what everyone involved needs to do.

Remember that stress can be controlled. Deadlines, chronic pain, and annoying people don’t control how you react; you do.

In the middle of a stressful situation, always take the time to enjoy a familiar and comforting routine such as a walk, a massage, or a nice cup of tea. These things persevere a connection to the enjoyable side of life. That time serves as a reminder that life won’t always be so overbearing. Such moments help produce better and healthier workers, too, through rejuvenation.

Also, breathe correctly from the center of your gut. Try to do this all the time, not just during stressful situations. To achieve the maximum air flow capacity, make sure your stomach moves in and out instead of up and down. Correct breathing helps manage stress, pain, and fibro fog as well.



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