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How to Pace Yourself with Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily August 21, 2012

Fibromyalgia presents a whole host of problems stemming from fatigue, even from the most basic everyday activities like cleaning house or walking around the office. Pacing yourself with Fibromyalgia means balancing between the right amount of activity and rest. This makes dealing with the disease much easier, and will improve your overall quality of life.

Stick to a Routine

Managing a chronic disease like Fibromyalgia requires a steady routine for activities, meals, meds, and sleep. There will be times when the routine needs to be abandoned, perhaps for a special dinner or due to an emergency. But overall, sticking to the same route allows the body to stabilize hormone levels and weight. It also allows pain medications to effect your body at the correct intervals for optimal pain management, and for food to nourish your energy on a regular basis. In terms of movement, it will help to do the grocery shopping and other errands at the same time each week. It will help to plan a non-stressful route to work, and what times you will make the journey to the mailbox. Knowing what to do when conserves energy.

Preserve Energy

Limit unnecessary physical expenditure. If you don’t need to stand, don’t stand. If you are at work and need to make copies, have someone move a seat next to the machine so you can use it as needed. Perhaps arrange to have your groceries delivered. Reduce harsh lights, loud noises, strong smells, and extreme temperatures. Sensory input can distract you from a necessary activity and drain your energy even faster.

Ask for Help

If shopping in stores, request a mechanical cart or take your own, if possible. Even a motorized wheelchair can help you retain your energy when out for the day. Ask your doctor how mechanical devices can improve your health. Also, don’t be afraid to rely on loved ones. They can help carry grocery bags, do yard work, or make adjustments around the house that make life easier.

Yes, fibromyalgia is more than a physical pain, but by establishing some boundaries, you can greatly reduce it.



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