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Individualized Pain Needs

Fibro Daily September 19, 2012

Pain needs vary from person to person. Genetics, size, other conditions; even the severity of your fibromyalgia flares all play into what and how much medication you need.

Therefore, just because a good friend has success with a medication doesn’t mean you will. You have to consider your needs and factors.

Use complete candor when speaking with your doctor. It is the only way to find a meds routine that works for you. You have to tell the doctor when something feels bad instead of always presenting a smiley face because you fear being “difficult” when a certain medication is not working. If the doctor doesn’t know you have new pain or the pain is not going away, then it will never get better.

What’s the point of all that? The doctor is there to treat you. You are not making appointments just so you can go in and smile about how great everything feels.

And if you happen to have a doctor who ignores your needs or tells you that you can’t possibly feel that bad, it’s wise to consider finding a new doctor that understands fibromyalgia.

The only person who knows how a particular pain feels is the person who is suffering it.



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