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Natural Energy Boosters

Fibro Daily November 13, 2012

Energy drinks provide nothing but sugar, red dye, and a brief boost in energy (if any at all.)

I remember working in Manhattan on a stressful job, and a co-worker suggested that I supplement my fatigue with Red Bull.

It did nothing except leave me sugar-logged.

But energy drinks really do amp up some people. If those people suffer from sleep problems—like fibromyalgia patients do—energy drinks should definitely be avoided. They can also cause anxiety, headaches, and nausea, plus possible fibro flares from all the chemicals.


Still, they have become really popular—some bars use them in cocktails even—so if you are a fibro person who feels like they need an energy boost, just avoid them altogether. Try these natural alternativesinstead.

For one, exercise during the day plus stay active in other ways, so that falling sleep at night proves easier. Take short naps if that works better for getting sleep.

Next, stay hydrated. It’s important for your overall health, and you’ll feel sluggish if you don’t.

Eat a good amount of healthy, high-quality protein. Eggs and lean organic beef are excellent choices.

Even better, all of the above is much cheaper than buying those expensive energy drinks day after day!



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