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Plantar Fasciitis Shoes and Tips

Fibro Daily October 12, 2012

Fibromyalgia patients are more prone to Plantar Fasciitis. The condition consists of an inflammation of a thick band in the foot called the plantar fascia. It causes the patient to feel as if the arch of the foot is tearing.

You may want to speak with a doctor about the best type of shoes to wear with this condition, but it’s pretty much a given you don’t want to spend long amounts of time in heels or shoes that don’t fit properly. Look for shoes that fit properly without putting your foot at an odd angle.

Foot massage may help to some degree, but everyone differs with this condition. Ask a massage therapist how he or she can help your plantar fasciitis. Also, try massaging yourself by using your thumb and knuckle to really get into the foot.

There is also a great stretch for this condition which involves pulling the toes toward the leg. This can be down while you sit watching TV, or in bed. It feels amazing and can really relieve the foot.



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