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Prep Your Fibro Skin for the Fall Chill

Fibro Daily October 2, 2012

If you are one of the 80% of fibromyalgia patients that suffers dry cracked skin, you need to protect yourself from the upcoming cold. The cold dries out all types of skin, but for those with fibromyalgia-related dry skin, it can be especially painful because fibromyalgia patients have such a heightened sense of pain.

First, make sure that the medications you take don’t intensify the dryness of your skin. However, don’t do this on your own. Always consult a doctor in regards to any meds. Ask him or her if there are any alternatives to what you take if a particular med does cause dryness.

Another tip: according to the Commerce with Compassion blog, Cabot products are wonderful for nourishing dry skin as well as helping to prevent it. Use a mild cleanser plus any good moisturizer of your choice. Apply the moisturizer all over after showering and before bed.

Also, keep your skin covered when out in the cold. This means your hands, your face/neck, and your ears. Find gloves, scarves, and hats consisting of materials that feel good on your skin. And make them cute!

Feel good and fashionable, I always say.



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