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Preserve Your Holiday Sanity: Shop At Home

Fibro Daily November 25, 2012

Successful holiday shopping with fibromyalgia just takes a willingness to step outside the box called, “How People Without Fibromyalgia Shop”. Trust me, it’s much more comfortable on the outside of that box. And the same delights and deals can be found with a little maneuvering around the perimeter, allowing you to shop in peace without all the noise and crowds.

For instance, shopping at home is a great way to maneuver. There are two ways to shop while at home:

  • By phone
  • Online

Both ways are a lot more relaxed than getting elbowed in a store by people who make Oogie Boogie seem like an ideal holiday dinner guest:

Shopping by Phone

If you are one of the 1.5 Americans that doesn’t receive a bombardment of catalogues in your snail mailbox per year, changing that is very easy. Simply sign up online by visiting the websites of your favorite brands and/or stores, then sign-up for catalogs to be sent right to your house. A catalog allows you to connect with a customer service rep, whose voice can be very helpful if suffering from fibro fog.

When shopping by phone, be very organized about what you need. Write each item down with the item number, size, and color next to it. Also, select a back-up if you see something else in the catalog that might work, and follow the same procedure. This will save time and stress if the customer service rep says they are out of your chosen item.

Shopping Online

If shopping online, it’s really easy to narrow down the items you want to browse by searching via Google. That will provide websites that offer what you need.

Also, most websites allow shoppers to place items in a basket, which means they can be saved to view later. Just make sure to follow the right saving procedure so all your browsing doesn’t go to waste. A plan of sorting one day and buying later works very well when fibro fog becomes too much.

Sales are also available online, from discount websites to top of the line clothing. For example, Groupon and Living Social are sites that offer great deals on items, events, and getaways.

Another Handy Tip for Both

Whether shopping by phone or online, save yourself frustration by creating and keeping at hand a list of people you want to buy for that day— along with their addresses, sizes, and likes. This will allow yo to keep what you’ve bought in order, and not to get frustrated at check-out. Also, arrange to have the gifts delivered directly to them, avoiding the pain and exhaustion caused by wrapping presents, then delivering them.

Happy Shopping!



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