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Sarakastic: Just One Tip

Fibro Daily May 1, 2013

Sarakastic’s one Fibromyalgia survival tip for Fibromyalgia sufferers like herself would be to sleep as much as possible, whenever the mood —and ability!—strikes.

As we all know, sleep problems occur frequently throughout the Fibro community. Sarakastic tries to stick to a sleep schedule, though sometimes life gets in the way and things go haywire. She says that when she doesn’t sleep enough, her health eventually begins to decline.

If this is something you’ve experienced or if you have another tip you’d love to share with Fibromyalgia patients, visit the Fibromyalgia Experiment blog and make sure to leave a comment for Sarakastic and other readers.

After all, networking and spreading the word—or tips— is a huge part of the Fibromyalgia survival guide!



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