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Small Talk, Big Worries

Fibro Daily December 10, 2012

Making small talk causes big worries for fibromyalgia patients.

That’s because of fibro fog, a term that describes concentration and memory issues that fibromyalgia patients usually suffer. For those who don’t have fibromyalgia or those recently diagnosed, it’s an important term to remember. For those who are familiar with fibromyalgia or who have had fibromyalgia for a while, the term is—unfortunately— well known. Fibro fog causes problems with accomplishing goals, with work, and with personal relationships. Confusion and memory issues can be physically noticeable, though no one knows for sure why they occur with fibroymyalgia. Therefore, fibro fog often causes massive social anxiety.

Often, people with fibromyalgia don’t want to bring it up in every conversation. Still, you might feel the need to explain any sudden lapses in train of thought.

So, if in a social situation that requires mingling, make sure to casually mention a “new medicine” that causes a train of thought problem. Blame it on lack of sleep. Or keep someone close by who knows all about what’s going on, and can help get you out of a tricky situation.

Another solution would be to set yourself up in a comfortable spot in the room and let people interact with you while seated. Just say you’ve had an injury and aren’t steady on your feet. That will explain the sitting. Sitting helps avoid pain and stress, possibly cutting back on concentration problems.

Or you could just be honest. That depends on a lot of factors, though, and is completely up to whoever fibro fog affects. Don’t stress about it. Whatever you decide is right for you.



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