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So You’re Dating Someone New

Fibro Daily September 10, 2012

Fibromyalgia confuses even doctors. Explaining it to a new significant other is definitely something to think about—how will you explain this mysterious illness so that it makes sense?

But first: is this person even close to being a significant other yet, or is this a first date?

Of course, if you have a condition that is going to cause you to pass out or break into hives or something else that could become an immediate emergency, it should be revealed right away.

But fibromyalgia is probably not going to do any of that. So revealing it is something to consider because it sets the level of communication to “more open” quite quickly. It doesn’t mean you have to be committed right away or open about every little thing—in fact, keep your secret love of New Kids on the Block just that! But it does show that you find the person worthy of sharing. If you become a couple, that’s great. But you have to gauge how much you want to reveal at first.

With fibromyalgia, revealing may come earlier if a flare-up occurs. So perhaps mentioning that you have fibromyalgia might help avoid misunderstandings about being tired or in pain before a flare-up happens. It doesn’t require a long involved story about how draining the condition is, or any scare tactics. Just state it matter-of-factly and show yourself as the in-control-person you are.

There is no right answer for everyone, only the right answer for you. Anyone who can’t understand any of this is not worthy of your time.



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