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Soundproof Your Fibro

Fibro Daily March 26, 2013

Setting aside a quiet space for yourself makes sense, as Fibromyalgia often involves noise sensitivity that worsens during flares.

But let’s be realistic: it’s not easy to find peace and quiet in a world that’s constantly calling.

For instance, your cell phone. A lot of us don’t even bother with land lines anymore. But when you need peace and quiet, do you want to cut off your only direct line for help in regards to fire, crime, accidents… can’t live in fear, but as so many of us live alone, we have to think of these things. Therefore, try just putting your phone in silent mode so you can keep it nearby, but the option to engage with it is all yours. That’s one noise, reduced.

Next, what if you live in a noisy apartment building or house full of noisy people? Well, it’s important to remember that the only thing in the universe that is 100% soundproof is the vacuum of space, as Quietrock Soundproof Drywallarticle suggests. But you can greatly reduce outside noise by soundproofing dry wall. Or, find a non-irritating source of white noise, such as a bubbling fountain.

Ta-da, quiet…shhhhh!



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