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Fibro Daily September 8, 2012

Fibromyalgia doesn’t get the respect it deserves…well, it’s hard to respect an illness, but you know what I mean. People, including doctors, don’t understand it and some don’t even believe fibromyalgia exists.

This denial of others creates a lot of stress for a fibromyalgia patient who needs to avoid a lot of stress. But ignoring the disease because others say it’s all in your head creates more stress. It’s insane to make yourself feel bad so others can feel right. So…

Speak up!

That’s right—- speak up. It’s your right, and you’re right.

Tell your doctor you are going to do more research about fibromyalgia so you can feel better. Look for a doctor who specializes in the condition, and also look for a support group and/or health advocate. Share information with the people who matter, like family and close friends. This doesn’t mean fibromyalgia has to be the sole topic of conversation, but you have to let people know that it’s not all in your head. Presenting information from reliable sources is a good place to start.

When people see that you are making a concerted effort to learn more about your condition and that you are not looking for pity or being lazy, those with any sense will understand that it’s not all in your head.

If they don’t, perhaps it’s best not to let them in your head. Or your life.



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