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Stop the Chaos!

Fibro Daily November 1, 2012

Chaotic breathing describes a type of breathing that fibromyalgia patients often experience. The feeling of needing more air is common in fibromyalgia, though the reason for that is unknown. It results in short, shallow breaths that deny full breath capacity to the person. Chaotic breathing originates in the chest. Many people breathe this way, not only fibromyalgia patients.

However, breath should originate far down inside you. Visually— as weird as it sounds— people should imagine breathing from in between the legs, sending that breath all the way through the top of the head and out of the feet.

A yoga or meditation class will be able to help teach correct breathing. Another suggestion for learning to breathe: an acting or singing class. Actors and singers rely on breath to relay their art. They learn to breathe early on in order to sustain and create a performance. These types of classes also encourage socialization, something that many fibromyalgia patients lack after their diagnosis.

Anyone too shy to try the above can start with the exercises below, taken directly from the UK support group Fibromyalgia Support for Worthing and West Sussex website website:

  • Lie down on your back in a comfortable position
  • Place your hand on your stomach, just below your belly button
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for a moment
  • Slowly exhale, through your nose
  • When you think you have let out all of the air, open your mouth and let the rest out



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