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Telling Your Boss about Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily September 13, 2012

A fibromyalgia diagnosis means that you may face people who are skeptical about the disease. It’s well-known that fibromyalgia patients sometimes lack even the support of their doctors. So how do you tell someone as important as a boss about fibromyalgia? After all, he or she holds your livelihood in their hands, but most people haven’t even got a basic knowledge about what fibromyalgia means. You definitely don’t want a boss to feel like you’re pulling a scam, not when fibromyalgia’s a legitimate condition.

Well, first you should have a doctor that backs you up with any notes needed for missing work.

Another good place to start would be with the general information provided by the Arthritis Foundation. Then if you do a general search of the site via their search box, you will find other articles about fibromyalgia. It is easy to email these links to your boss.

Making a few small changes to your work space may help you to perform at the needed capacity. This can be done by making your seating more comfortable, moving your desk closer to any machines you need to use to cut down on movement, and taking little mini breaks to stretch. If the boss sees that you are making an effort to work hard, there is usually less conflict.

Good luck!



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