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Temperature Control

Fibro Daily September 17, 2012

People with fibromyalgia sometimes experience temperature sensitivity. There is no known cure for this, so your comfort hinges on your ability to control how you react to the environment.

For cold:

If you are in a public place, it is best to keep a light jacket or shawl in your purse. It is going to be easier for your to get warm with one of those than asking that the temperature be turned up everywhere you go.

Avoid sitting near air vents.

In a cold restaurant or movie theater, drink something that warms you up. Hot tea or coffee make excellent choices.

For Heat:

Do not overdress for places that run the heater on high. If you wear a jacket that can be easily removed when you go into a place, that will allow you to cool off. Wear a thin, short-sleeved shirt underneath.

Don’t move too fast, and try to sit near an open window or under an air vent.

If heat really affects you, carry cold water on public outings.



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