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Fibro Daily March 22, 2013

The hands-down consensus on fibromyalgia forums and other websites seems to be that sports bras offer the most comfortable day-to-day wear for fibromyalgia patients. Try to find one that gives you room to move and breathe more than one designed to prevent breast bouncing. That means you may need to go up in size, as many sports bras are designed to fit tightly. The good news is that because sports bras now come in all shapes and sizes—including thinner cuts that mimic actual bras—they will work well under heavier clothing, certain T’s, and certain tanks if you can find one in a style that’s comfortable.


If you do need to dress up or you want to feel more carefree under a summer dress, a sports bra is going to kill your outfit and mood before you leave the house. A lot of fibro patients recommend wearing a seamless bra (no underwire) with wider straps for a better feeling bra. You can find one that is soft and feminine so you feel just as fashionable and sexy as you deserve to feel, without as much pain or any irritating lace.

Or you could go braless if you’ve got the gusto without the much-o, if you know what we mean! That’s a totally personal decision, but lots of women do it!

Don’t forget to consult the Bra Doctor for more suggestions.



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