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The Three E’s

Fibro Daily May 8, 2013

Change occurs in waves.

Sometimes it evolves as slowly as the medical community’s acceptance of Fibromyalgia and sometimes it jars our lives with the fast, furious force of a Fibro flare.

However it comes and whatever it changes, it’s a wave you have to ride, no matter how slow or fast.

Successful maneuvering of any and all waves means that you need to follow the correct form for managing your Fibromyalgia, just like a surfer follows the correct form when on the water. The correct form for maintaining balance of Fibromyalgia during topsy-turvy times consists of the following Three E’s.

The Three E’s:

  • Eating healthy: Make sure to speak to your health care provider about what you should be eating. Don’t fall for weight loss gimmicks or buy expensive diet products that don’t achieve anything or worse, that exacerbate flares. Develop a nutritionally rich and enjoyable eating plan then stick to it except for special occasions.
  • Exercising frequently: A recent study shows that exercise benefits Fibromyalgia. This means that you are going to put stressed mind over stressed matter and workout through the Fibro pain. Every little bit of exercise improves your cardio health and in a Catch-22, your pain. Therefore, speak with your doctor about starting a safe yet effective workout program. And make sure to look through Fibro Daily for the many free workout videos and website links we post.
  • Exhaling deeply: Place your hand on your belly. Fill you body with air by breathing into your hand so that it moves in and out rather than up and down. Uninterrupted, deep airflow helps relieve stress and calm the nerves. Any time you feel stressed, remember to breathe this way. Performers use this method of breathing to ensure proper airflow without stressing the vocal cords and straining muscles. You should use it, too. At work. While waiting in line. Driving. Pretty soon, you’ll notice when you are not breathing correctly, and will automatically correct yourself.

So follow these tips to navigate the waves of change that life floats our way. Balance is the key.

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