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Tips for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Fibro Daily August 16, 2012

A fibromyalgia diagnosis doesn’t mean the end of a good life. Patience, determination, and a sensible health plan will help keep fibromyalgia suffering to a minimum. There are several very important tips that fibromyalgia sufferers can’t do without.

#1 The first tip is to avoid rushing when doing chores and/or completing work. The stress of continuous activity and work without frequent breaks often causes headaches and increases exhaustion. Over exertion can also make that hazy “Fibrofog” head much worse. Scheduling little mini breaks throughout the day cuts down on these issues. If at work, this might mean getting up throughout the day to refill a glass of water, or taking the time to eat a snack. While running errands, always ensure plenty of time to get things done instead of rushing from place to place in heavy traffic.

#2 The second important tip is to eat healthy food in smaller quantities. As IBS and fibromyalgia frequently go hand in hand, smaller meals full of vitamins put less stress on the digestive system, which means less painful side effects from fibromyalgia. Even if IBS is not an issue, healthy foods help fight exhaustion and bolster the immune system. A healthy immune system plays a big part in the prevention of chronic infections which many fibromyalgia patients suffer.

Many fibromyalgia sufferers find even the most basic day-to-day activities painful, due to bending and stretching movements that others take for granted. Developing a more convenient way to store cleaning products and things like pet bowls reduces these painful movements. For example, keeping the most frequently used cleaning tools on one eye-level shelf prevents constant stretching and bending down. Also, use one plastic tray to store the pets’ food and water bowls. The tray can be lifted off the floor in one move instead of two.

#3 And the final tip involves sleep, or the almost complete lack of it that many fibromyalgia sufferers get. Therefore, make getting ready for bed an enjoyable ritual, one that involves easy access to oral hygiene supplies, soaps, lotions, and bed clothes. Prepare the room with the soothing sounds of an humidifier or white noise machine. This sort of routine preps the body and mind for rest, which is an important part of maintaining control of fibromyalgia.



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