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Tips that Make Cleaning Easier

Fibro Daily March 30, 2013

Set aside time to speak with family or roommates about how to make household chores easier when dealing with Fibromyalgia.

For example, if you are still doing the dishes by hand, consider budgeting for a dishwasher. Honestly, it’s a worthwhile investment not only in terms of pain management and stress, but cleanliness and time. That’s because dish washers operate at such a high temperature level with such force, they get your dishes cleaner than you can ever hope to do by hand much quicker.

Also, look for a light vacuum that bends and turns with more ease, rather one that is stiff and standard. This means less sweeping. It should be made for use on all floors without a lot of fuss.

These seemingly simple tips make a big difference when living with Fibromyalgia.



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