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Use a Smaller Plate to Lose Weight

Fibro Daily March 20, 2013

Many fibromyalgia patients struggle with their weight.

One tip to help with eating less while not feeling deprived is to eat off of smaller, stylish plates. Think of trendy or fancy restaurants or eating in France, then follow suit.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t go to such places a lot, or are not a big traveler. Chances are you’ve been exposed to this concept and practice via decorating and cooking shows, dramas, and/or books.

A Cornell Study reveals that people who eat off of smaller plates believe they are eating 18% more than they are really eating. Eating off of smaller, stylish plates also means that people are more apt to pay attention to the food—really taste it plus enjoy the colors and the textures. Presentation enhances the senses and the taste.

Thus, presentation proves vital to weight loss.



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