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Fibromyalgia and Sex

Fibro Daily February 23, 2015

I felt so disheartened to read some comments on the Fibro Daily Facebook page in regards to a recent post about sex and Fibromyalgia. A few commenters said that sex is no longer an option because of their debilitating struggle with Fibromyalgia.

It’s understandable, believe me. It’s also sad that people feel that sex is no longer an option.

From my own personal experience, as well as hearing about the experience of others, it seems that when most doctors treat a patient they fail to address the overwhelming personal concerns that accompany illness and treatment. A lot of that has to do with the fact that doctor appointments are so limited by time constraints and a multitude of other concerns—like diet and meds— that doctors must make a decision on the most important issues to tackle in one short span of time.

Sex usually isn’t one of those issues.

It’s not that doctors don’t want their patients to have a happy and healthy sex life. They just have to prioritize the topics they cover during appointments. So unless a patient mentions a specific concern that’s out of the usual topic realm, most doctors won’t mention it, either.

However, it’s vital to mention such concerns to a doctor, including concerns about one’s sex life. A lack of desire and/or trouble with sexual function may indicate that a course of treatment needs to be addressed. There may also be another underlying problem that needs to be examined, such as high blood sugar from undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes.

Once a doctor knows that a problem exists, he or she can make the effort to treat that problem in an effective way. A doctor can also recommend seeing another medical professional who specializes in intimacy issues.

So don’t suffer in silence. Things aren’t as bleak as they used to be in terms of talking about sexual health. Here are three articles to help you get started on your sexual healing journey:

Chronic Illness: How it Can Affect Your Sex Life

Sexuality and Chronic Pain

American Chronic Pain Association Helpful Reading List

In fact, things for Fibromyalgia patients are looking better all the time, even beyond sexual health. Fibro Warrior of the Week #70 Elizabeth Hanson underwent a successful Transvascular Autonomic Modulation procedure (TVAM) that has truly changed her life. Fibromyalgia no longer calls the shots for Elizabeth. You can read about how Elizabeth took back control of her life via TVAM here. Feel free to share Elizabeth’s story!



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