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Heat Treat: Hot Tubbing in the Tub

Fibro Daily September 8, 2012

The majority of people don’t have access to a hot tub on a regular basis. But most people do have access to a tub. Or a shower. Both offer an excellent heat treat for fibromyalgia patients.

Of course, some fibromyalgia patients avoid the heat because it seems to trigger flares, but others really swear by getting hot and…well, not dirty. Clean.

After all, it is a tub. Or a shower.

Hey, we covered that already…I really need to get more sleep!

Anyway, heat often works well on fibromyalgia because fibromyalgia doesn’t seem to be caused by the inflammation that causes other painful joint and muscle conditions. So allow the water to reach a temperature that you like, then submerge yourself into the liquid heat, breathing slowly from the center of your body instead of the usual stressed-out, shallow breathing that comes from the chest.

In fact, make a note to try to breathe in a way that makes your stomach move slowly in and out instead of up and down. This is a great trick that actors and singers use when they perform. You should breathe like this as much as possible in life, not just when making an effort to relax. It will help you focus and calm your heart rate.

But back to the heat: make it a regular thing. Your joints and muscles will thank you for it.



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