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Isometric Hand Grip Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

Fibro Daily May 31, 2013

A new study shows that isometric hand grip exercise reduce your blood pressure. You can link to the study to read the variables. The results are as follows:

“In the first subject, resting diastolic pressure decreased from 120 to 90 mmHg and systolic arterial pressure decreased from 160 to 140 mmHg, whereas heart rate increased from 52 to 55 beats/min, and HRV did not change following training. The decrease in blood pressure was seen after 3 weeks of handgrip exercise. In the second subject, no trend of blood pressure reduction was seen but the systolic arterial pressure decreased before and after the handgrip exercise at 10 training days out of the 17 possible days. In the other 7 days, 6 days showed no blood pressure changes after handgrip exercise. The HRV in the LF, HF, VLF ranges did not change with training.”

So some positive changes did occur. However, this does not mean that hand grip exercises give you free-range to eat and avoid exercise without consequences. To help maintain a healthy blood pressure:

  • maintain a healthy weight
  • eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies
  • avoid excess salt, whether adding it to food or via ingredients
  • do regular cardio and weights
  • get enough sleep
  • meditate to help control negative reactions to stress
  • laugh
  • quit smoking
  • don’t drink alcohol in excess

Always speak to your doctor before starting a program to or making changes to reduce blood pressure.



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