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Phil Parker: Lightning Process

Fibro Daily October 16, 2012

Phil Parker’s Lightning Process is a mind-body connection training program.

The program was developed in North London in the late 1990′s and since then, Parker claims to have helped thousands of people worldwide recover from life and/or health problems that prevent them from living the life they want. The program claims to treat people suffering from depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and more. Parker believes everyone deserves a happy life, no matter what illness they suffer.

But some people claim this program is nothing but a scam—and even worse—a cult that take people’s money while tricking them into a program that offers no real hope or solutions. Parker says he has suffered a great deal of abuse and very serious threats from some people who don’t want the public to know about the program. The reasoning behind their smear campaign remains unclear.

There are a lot of people who claim to have cures and/ or treatments for a variety of illnesses. The best way for you to decide what you want to try is to do the research. Talk to your doctor. Talk to people who use it. Make sure you understand what’s involved before trying it. Gauge how much money is demanded up front, and if it involves taking a questionable substance. (I would recommended never doing that. A meditation or skill building program is a lot less harmful than one that involves a possibly dangerous substance, obviously.)

Only you can decide, but you have to be reasonable and logical in your assessments in order to effectively treat your fibromyalgia.



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