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Some Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily August 16, 2012

Natural remedies for fibromyalgia are a wonderful option for people who do not want to take prescription pain medications. Reasons for avoiding prescription medications vary from patient to patient, but some of the most common reasons are keeping a clear head, avoiding constipation, and saving money.


One of the best natural remedies is to up your vitamin intake, through both vitamins and healthy food. Maintaining strong bones is important, so plenty of calcium is a must. Lean meats and raw fruits and veggies are full of iron and other important nutrients that prove beneficial against chronic infections and exhaustion as well as help prevent constipation. Yogurt specifically does a world of good. Yogurt contains a multitude of probiotics to keep the tummy settled, keep yeast levels down, and to promote strong bones. It also is a healthy snack that provides a ton of energy. Look for yogurt that does not contain extra sugars or fruit fillings. Non-sweetened, low fat brands are the best.

Yoga: Stretching & Balancing

Another great natural option is yoga. Yoga frees up the muscles, preventing stiffness from setting in. Many fibromyalgia patients make the mistake of not moving at all, but the stretching and balance required in a beginner or moderate level yoga class can do a world of good. It also encourages social interaction if done in a class, which is good for fibromyalgia patients as they tend to cut themselves off from the world.

Set Your Temperature

Also, use temperature to your advantage. Many fibromyalgia sufferers have extreme reactions to hot and cold, so knowing what is going to set off the pain may allow the avoidance of it ahead of time. Keep the house at a level that is comfortable for you. If you are going to be out in public, perhaps take a jacket if air conditioning is a problem for you. Find a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate you, then take advantage of the sun to warm away your aches and pains.

Sleep More!

And finally, listen to your internal clock. When you need sleep, sleep. Don’t fight sleep. Sleep promotes a healthy lifestyle, and a clear head. So never feel guilty about taking the time to rest.



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