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The All Natural Heating Pad for Pain

Fibro Daily September 18, 2012

Sue Ingbretson, fibromyalgia patient and author of FibroWHYalgia knows one of the best medicines for fibromyalgia doesn’t need a prescription; it just needs lots of treats, toys, and cuddles.

Yep, she believes a dog makes a great fibro med! Actually, a lovable cat companion also helps ease the pain of fibromyalgia.

Let the dog or cat curl-up next to you and exchange hugs for an instant mood lifter.

Besides the loving received from pets, there is something about nurturing them that provides stress relief and a focus outside of your pain. Pets are beings that rely on you for love. Your focus could also be on caring for a rabbit or a hamster or a horse or even a bird. Love them all.

By the way, most birds prefer to have the same owners throughout their long lives.

That kind of loving loyalty makes a great pain med for sure.

Sue says her dog is, “…functioning as a safe, natural, non-EMF-emitting heating pad.”

Pets also provide gentle exercise for fibromyalgia patients. So whether you are riding a horse, chasing a cat, or running a dog, be thankful for the companionship of these natural healers.



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