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What is Natrx SA and Does it Work?

Fibro Daily February 21, 2013

natrx fibromyalgia formula

Fibromyalgia strikes people in a myriad of ways, defying the label of a “cookie-cutter disease”. Despite this, millions of fibro sufferers the world over share varying degrees of low energy, pain, slow metabolism, and a weakened immune system. The supplementary program Natrx Fibromyalgia Formula provides relief by treating these more common symptoms.

Founded by pharmaceutical professionals in Cape Town, South Africa, the Natrx SA company believes in starting young when it comes to naturally graceful aging, not allowing chronic conditions like fibromyalgia to demolish vitality.

What’s in Natrx?

The Natrx Fibromyalgia Formula offers fibromyalgia relief via powerhouse ingredients that each provide something distinctly essential for treatment:

5-hydroxytryptophan(HTP): Essential to raising serotonin levels in the brain.
Magnesium Malate: Essential to energy, metabolism, and synthesis production.
Malic Acid: Essential to energy production and pain reduction.
Vitamins: Essential to aiding the body in several important functions.
B6 and B12: Aids in cell metabolism, brain/ nervous system function; synthesizes energy.
Folic Acid: Aids in production of new cells; also known as B9.
Methionine: Aids in removal of heavy metals (chelation) which supports bladder, kidney, liver function plus provides energy. Maintains artery function.
Zinc Lactate: Aids in cellular metabolism and immunity.

When combined, these ingredients fight the common complaints found in fibromyalgia by generating a reduction in muscle pain and knots, along with boosting energy and immunity. This is especially true of magnesium and malic acid. A study in the The Journal of Nutritional Medicine shows that when taken alone, magnesium and malic acid do little to improve fibromyalgia. Combined, they become more powerful pain fighters.

On a more personal note, this formula also stimulates the libido, something that fibromyalgia patients reportedly find decreases with muscle discomfort, fatigue and poor metabolism. As these problems decrease, libido increases.

The Natrx Fibromyalgia supplement is available in capsule form, with two different dosage directions determined by individual needs. And it’s gluten-free, as are all the Natrx SA products.

What’s the Word about Natrx on Social Media?

Natrx’s Facebook page is full of people that recommend the Natrx Fibromyalgia Formula. The page features almost 2000 fans who regularly correspond with the company on fibro surveys about the quality of their lives as well commenting on the helpful tips posted on the page. So not only does Natrx have a strong fibro fan base, but they maintain close ties with those fibro fans by addressing their concerns and sharing information. From time to time, they also post brain teasers to help with fibro fog, memory, and stress.

As one Facebook fan says:

“Due to availability problems, we had to wait a few days before finding some (Natrx Fibromyalgia Formula) again. Both of us felt the difference within 1-2 days of being off the fibromyalgia formula. Pain and spasms were excessively more!! I am so grateful for this product!! I am coping a little better with my day to day tasks now! Thank you Lord for this breakthrough in my invisible illness!!”

Another fan writes:

“Thank you so much, can’t cope without it. Great product.”

What’s the Cost?

From the looks of their website, the cost can only be paid in South African currency because the Natrx website is only set-up for South African deliveries. However, they do accommodate special oversea orders so if in need of one:

  • Study the products on their website.
  • Speak to your doctor about the desired products.
  • Send a request to for details rather than attempting to order directly from the website, no prescription necessary.

Keep in mind the time difference as well as different holidays when the company might be closed. Also, remember to order as much as needed because you will be paying for an international shipping charge.

But even if you don’t want to pay for shipping to the States, the above info about Natrx Fibromyalgia Formula serves as a wonderful guide on what kind of supplements to keep an eye out for over here. Natrx SA commands a large following for such a limited availability product, so it’s best to be in the know about the supplement’s existence and to try to mimic its make-up if you can’t ship in from South Africa. Knowledge-sharing helps the fibromyalgia community understand how fibromyalgia receives support and treatment across the world. This understanding constitutes the basis of fibromyalgia “patient-hood”, building stronger global unity and treatment options.

If you are interested in learning more about Natrx, check out Natrx SA Facebook page and the Natrx SA company website at for a range of articles about healthy living with fibromyalgia as well as an overall fine tuning of your body, soul, and mind. While we neither recommend or endorse the product, it is worth investigating if you are looking to add a supplement to your fibro regimen.



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  1. Why did the formula change for Fibro-Alleve. The one has got Q10 in and the other one 5 HTP?

    Which one is now the “best formula”?


    • I apologize for my late reply; was having trouble addressing comments on here. Honestly, I don’t know why, Liesl, but if I find out I will post it here. Thank you for reading and commenting! ~JC


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