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Which Massage Works Best for Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily September 7, 2012

Massage is constantly touted as a great treatment for fibromyalgia, but what kind of massage works best?

Well, a lot of that is going to depend on personal choices and how sensitive one feels at the moment. But Swedish massage is often ranked as one of the best styles.

Now, there are patients who cannot stand even the lightest Swedish style. Therefore, pressure is going to be a big factor in what occurs on the table.

Some patients report great results with slow but deep pressure. If massage is done over a period of time with the same massage therapist, it can help a patient build up to more pressure.

A massage therapist will want to know that someone has special needs. A good massage therapist always asks if there are spots they should not touch, or what pressure to use. Taking the time to explain fibromyalgia needs will make massage a much more effective management tool over the long haul.



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