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Never Let Fibromyalgia Define Success

Fibro Daily January 23, 2017

People with fibromyalgia work all kinds of jobs. Others compete as athletes. Some do both. Still, fibromyalgia sometimes makes it hard to navigate success. And when it comes to a social life, fibromyalgia can be a nightmare. That’s true if you’re single, dating around, have a partner, or are married. Fibromyalgia gets in the way

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Insult or Understanding?

Fibro Daily October 20, 2016

In recent weeks, we’ve seen studies showing how personality affects or causes fibromyalgia. There’s a strong link between trauma and fibromyalgia as evidenced in studies of veterans as well as others who’ve suffered physical or emotional violence, whether intentional or accidental. Trauma sometimes alters personality. But I think that when some studies reference personality, life

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