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Moments of Perfection

Fibro Daily May 16, 2013

On Sarakastic’s blog, she muses on the perfect moment:

“I’ve found that even on days when I don’t feel good I can still find at least one perfect moment. I was too sick to go on a hike or even walk very far so I went and sat outside for awhile. There was a guy playing this cool harmonica and it made me smile. I wondered if it was something I could learn. He was just playing “Home on the Range” and he wasn’t even good. It was just unexpected I guess and matched the mood of the morning. What was your perfect moment of the day?”

Sarakastic made the most of the moment. With all the pain and the frustration that goes along with Fibromyalgia, finding the perfect moment is essential to doing more than just surviving.

Of course, surviving is necessary to life. That’s an obvious, painfully stupid statement. So if you ever find yourself stranded in the middle of the desert—God forbid—surviving will be of utmost concern.

However, surviving isn’t living. Learning, striving, hurting in ways other than those that stem from Fibromyalgia— like when you put your heart out there and it gets crushed or when you burn your hand attempting to cook a fabulous new dish for a large gathering or an agent turns down your novel or that special someone leaves you behind—that’s living.

Learn the harmonica. Cook the meal. Send out the novel. Tell that special someone how your heart flutters when you think of him or her. Perfect moments exist in risk, even in Fibromyalgia. So take one.



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