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Tell the World It’s Real

Fibro Daily October 9, 2012

As pointed out by another blogger, fibromyalgia is real.

Yet so many people don’t know about it, or consider it a throw-away diagnosis that is finally given to patients who keep insisting something is wrong with them when nothing is really wrong.

“It’s all in their heads.”

It is just one of the common misconceptions about fibromyalgia among many people who know about fibromyalgia.

Dealing with disbelievers seems to be a common unifying among fibromyalgia patients. Because people see no apparent illness, they view the exhaustion as an act and formulate negative opinions of the patient. “Lazy” is a common response from people who do not understand.

If only the truth could be spread. If you could tell the world one thing about fibromyalgia, think about what it would be. Maybe blogging or posting it on social media would be a way to tell the world. A lot of the sites about fibromyalgia are operated by patients, but they can’t reach everybody. Add your voice.



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