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What is Your Birth Control Doing to Your Fibro?

Fibro Daily March 26, 2013

The most honest answer is: no one knows exactly. Which might be ok if so many medical professionals didn’t seem so nonchalant about not knowing.

As you can see from this birth control link, there’s a myriad of advice and reactions from Fibromyalgia patients, much in the same way there is in regards to how certain foods set off certain flares.

Some Fibro women say that birth control pills have intensified their Fibromyalgia symptoms; other Fibro women find that birth control pills seem to lessen them.

On a larger scale, women in general experience problems and dissatisfaction from the lack of birth control options, whether they have Fibromyalgia or not. And even worse, the stress of birth control almost always falls on the shoulders (and other parts!) of women, which adds to the stress of female Fibromyalgia patients.

Here’s to hoping that the medical community finally addresses some of these issues.



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